Sunday, October 11, 2015

Andrea Featured in Doug's New Vampirella Sketchbook

Doug's done several Vampirella commissions so it was easy to work up a 24-page sketchbook to debut at SDCC this year.  

In 2013 at SDCC, I took a picture of Doug and Andrea, dressed as Vampirella; we featured the photo on p. 3 of the new sketchbook and were happy when she stopped by the Big Wow Art booth so we could give her a personalized copy.

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Kei and Bobby Visit Big Wow Art Booth

Kei Acedera and Bobby Chiu from Imaginism Studios always stop by the Big Wow Art booth during SDCC so Doug and I can catch up on the group's new projects; we met Kei and Bobby on a flight from Toronto to San Diego in 2007.  

The independent concept art studio in Toronto works in film, television, gaming and publishing as well as offering Schoolism classes and month-long In-House Workshops in Sainte-Julienne, just outside of Montreal.

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Dinner at Omni With Jason and Stacy

It's always enjoyable spending time during SDCC with long-time friends. 

Although Jason and Stacy moved last spring from Las Vegas to Nashville, Tennessee, they flew back to San Diego for Comic-Con, which Jason has attended the past 17 years. 

After dinner at the Omni, he gave Stacy a surprise gift.   Months earlier he'd commissioned Doug to do an 11 x 17 classic Wonderwoman - Stacy's favorite hero - watercolor original. 

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SDCC: Walking the Aisles, Checking Out Displays

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October 1964 Playboy Cover

It wasn't difficult spotting the Rabbit on this cover.

Doug's first full-page color Playboy cartoon was published in the September 1964 issue.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pierre Bernard Jr. Visits With Doug

We always enjoy having Pierre stop by the Big Wow Art booth so we can catch up on his recent projects, including book signing parties for 18 x 24 And Other Sizes and hosting drawing events with costumed  Life Models.  

Although he's gained recognition from TV appearances on Late Night With Conan O'Brien - where he's best known for the comedy bit Pierre Bernard's  Recliner of Rage, Pierre's a graphic designer and illustrator with experience in print and television graphics.

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SDCC and the Gaslamp Quarter Both Draw Cosplayers

The convention center is "center stage" for cosplayers attending the 5-day SDCC.

It's not a true comics-cartoon/pop culture event without the beloved villain Darth Vader!

However, in the past few years, during the 5-day SDCC, the historic Gaslamp Quarter, which is across the street from the convention center, has also become popular with cosplayers.

Doug gets a "high five" on our way to the convention center.

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