Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Loose-Style 10 x 14 Original

Doug's 10 x 14 originals are rendered on Arches of France cold press watercolor paper, using Dr. Ph. Martin's aniline dyes.

To see more originals, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

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Doug Personalizes Unpublished Sneyd for Mike Grell

After personalizing a copy of Unpublished Sneyd for Mike Grell, also a guest artist at Pensacon, Doug and Mike talked about Mike's career and work with DC Comics, starting with Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes.  He's also worked on such titles as Aquaman, Batman, The Phantom Stranger and the relaunch of the GreenLantern/Green Arrow series.

Since Doug's first full-page color cartoon (September 1964) was published in Playboy, he submitted thousands of cartoon gag roughs to The Mansion.  Of course, not all can be selected for final art and ultimate publication in the magazine.   For Unpublished Sneyd, he selected his 100 unpublished favorites - the best of the undiscovered Sneyds. 

Doug personalizes each book with a B&W bunny profile sketch.

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Cosplay Corner Features Nicole Marie Jean

Doug's booth at Pensacon was close to the official Cosplay Corner featuring Nicole Marie Jean (Catwoman); in addition to meeting attendees during the 3-day event, Nicole Marie Jean was also one of 3 judges at the Pensacon Official Cosplay Contest Saturday evening, February 20th at the historic Saenger Theatre on Palafox Street.

More guests participating in the Cosplay Corner.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Original Artwork, Commissions

With close to 500 full-page color cartoons published in Playboy since 1964, Doug's fans have a wide selection of preliminary pencil and color roughs available at comics-cartoon conventions.  This pencil rough is from the January 1997, p. 145 Playboy cartoon.

Chris is pleased with an 11 x 17 original of a winking bunny - rendered on Arches of France cold pressed art board using aniline dyes, which Doug used for all of his Playboy originals.

It was also fun meeting up with Chris at C2E2 a few weeks after Pensacon.

Patrick purchased a 10 x14 watercolor original.

Keith, who met Doug at Pensacon 2014, also purchased a 10 x 14 watercolor original this year.

Gerald commissioned a Supergirl sketchbook cover.

Doug's 10 x14 pencil portrait sketches are also popular convention commissions.

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Doug Talks With Cosplayers During Pensacon

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Sharing Convention Experiences

Doug and I met Michael and Lisa, owners of Crane's Post, 3 years ago at the first Pensacon; their booth was also on the main aisle so we had a chance to talk with them about their busy convention schedule. 

Before the doors opened to the public the first day, I took a photo of Doug and Michael with a taxidermy javelina shoulder mount at their booth.

Michael and Lisa were also exhibiting at C2E2 in March; he stopped by Artist Alley to say hello.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

11 x17 Prints: Popular at Pensacon

Doug's 11 x 17 limited edition prints are always popular at comics-cartoon conventions; Pensacon attendees were especially interested in his mermaids.  

(The original mermaid sitting on a rock - rendered on Arches of France cold pressed art board using aniline dyes - was earlier donated to an Emerald City Comicon charity auction benefiting the Seattle Children's Hospital.)

Pensacon reproduced and sold Doug's 11 x 17 mermaid on the beach as a poster; all proceeds benefited the Manna Food Pantries serving Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, Florida.

Doug's renderings of Marilyn Monroe and Wonder Woman are also popular 11 x 17 limited edition prints.

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