Sunday, September 3, 2017

1973 Cartoon Album 6: Doug's Cartoons

The 192-page Cartoon Album 6, published in 1973 by Playboy Press, featured 8 of Doug's full-page color Playboy cartoons.

• (p. 157)  "Well, that's strange . . . They were all here a minute ago."

published in the February 1968 issue of Playboy, p. 150,  and reproduced on p. 78 in The Art of Doug Sneyd 

(The 248-page hardcover book, also available now in a softcover edition, was published by Dark Horse Books in July 2011 and nominated for a 2012 Eisner Award in the Best Humor Publication category.)

• (p. 11) "I've just got time for a quickie!"

published in the February 1970 issue, p. 161, and reproduced on p. 174/upper right in The Art of Doug Sneyd

• (p. 31) "How about performing an unnatural act? . . ."

published in the November 1970 issue, p. 259, and reproduced on p. 91/lower right in The Art of Doug Sneyd

• (p. 63) "If there are no more finishing touches, I've got housework to do."

published in the June 1969 issue, p. 145, and reproduced on p. 133 in The Art of Doug Sneyd

(p. 111) "Well, now he knows what a nice girl like me is doing in a place like this."

published in the August 1968 issue, p. 169

• (p. 141) "No need to be embarrassed; being a doctor . . ."

published in the April 1970 issue, p. 131

• (p. 165) "Hi!"

published in the October 1969 issue, p. 261

• (p. 180) "These are our loving cups."

published in the March 1966 issue, p. 100

To see more of Doug's available original artwork, Playboy cartoons and pencil and color preliminary roughs, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

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