Sunday, February 9, 2014

Playboy Cover: February 1968

Doug celebrates his 50th anniversary with Playboy this year, having rendered 450+ full-page color cartoons, so you can imagine how much shelving it takes for copies of the magazine. 
I came across a copy of the February 1968 issue recently; yes, the bunny logo was on the cover then as now but the magazine was priced at 75 cents.  Articles included:  An Interview with Jim Brown, Detroit's Sporty & Special Cars and U.S. Senator Jacob Javits on Lowering the Voting Age.
Doug's first cartoon - in the September 1964 issue - featured a brothel, set in the age-old stereotype:  a well-appointed Victorian mansion where a bevy of lovely, scantily clad young things were managed by a stout, buxom older woman, in a simple black dress and a strand of pearls.  Occasionally, Doug also added a purring white cat beside the madam.
His cartoon in the February 1968 issue was also classic "hooker" humor.

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