Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dallas Comic Con: Doug Does 11 x 17 Pencil Sketch of Chan

Doug was a Featured Guest at the May 19-20 Dallas Comic Con; he started the 2-day convention by sketching Chan, who lives near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Personalized pencil sketches keep Doug busy at comics-cartoon conventions; he generally does either 9 x 12 or 10 x 14 but with a new 16 x 20 Arches of France cold press art board, he now offers 11 x 17, which Chan wanted.

To commission a sketch during the July 11-15 San Diego Comic-Con, check the program for Big Wow Art; Doug has exhibited with Steve Morger's group since 2007.

Bunny ears are always an fun option!

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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