Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sword and the Stone Blacksmith, Tony Swatton, Visits Doug at SDCC Booth

Doug and I met Tony Swatton, blacksmith and owner of the Sword and the Stone, at SDCC 2007; he visits our booth at Big Wow Art every year - dressed in one of his company's designs. Whether a gladiator, buccaneer or Viking, he's a fun, interesting SDCC friend whose livelihood is designing and executing custom swords, weapons, armor, etc. for film production companies and special events.

When he stopped by on Saturday, he suggested that I might enjoy wearing a costume. How about Wonderwoman? In fact, it was his company design that had been worn in an episode from The Big Bang Theory, a popular CBS sitcom that premiered in September 2007.

I quickly said, "Yes!" So Sunday, the last day of the 5-day convention, I joined in the fun.

Thank you, Tony!

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STAG said...

A fine bearded gentleman!